Background Checks & Clearances

Please read all the way to the bottom for instructions on due dates.  

Maryland/New Jersey/Florida

1.) You will need to follow the link that I send in the next email to complete a Pennsylvania state background check and child abuse clearance..  The exception for this will be if you have already acquired one in your home state.  Provided it is  still valid, it will work.  But I need to get a copy by June 3rd.  

2.) You need a FBI clearance.  This ca be obtained in the following way.  Visit

A.) Click Applicant Information Form,then Request, then Download Form

B.) Complete the Application

C.) You will then need to print the FD-258 Fingerprint Card, visit your local precinct and have your prints taken.  The FBI's website says your local PD may use their own fingerprint card and that's alright.  

D.) Mail card with applicant form and $18.  This must be paid by credit card and be accompanied by the Credit Card Payment form, which is also at the FBI link I've sent you.


You need your application, fingerprints on a card from a police station,  $18 paid by credit card with the form, and though it is not mandatory, you should fill in your phone number or email  address with the application.  The  FBI will then be able to contact you directly if there are any problems processing your fingerprints.  The FBI recommends doing two sets that way if one is fouled up for any reason, it does not  cause an additional delay.



You will need to follow the link that I send in the next email to complete your criminal history and child abuse form.  IF you've already completed these from last year or for some other reason, I need a copy by June 3rd.  

You will also need to complete an FBI clearance.  The exception to this will be if you've lived in PA for at least 10 years and you're not being paid.  (That includes a good chunk of you coming from PA)


If you need an FBI clearance, proceed to the following link,

click on #3 and under the General Information tab you will find all you need for submitting fingerprints to Cogent 3M, who is a channeler for the FBI.  

IMPORTANT:  Please provide copies of any existing background checks you are claiming fulfill the requirements listed above.  Furthermore, they need to provided to the director by June 3rd.  That is only 10 days from now, but in order to be able to have camp, this must be done in a timely fashion.  Please do not wait until the last minute or you will not be able to come

— Billy Jenkins